Only 14% of Small Business have a cybersecurity safety plan (Accenture)


Small Busines are 43% of all data breaches in the world (Verizon)


83% of Small Business lack sufficient funds to survive after a cyberattack. (InsuranceB)


Cyberattacks cost Small Business an average of $200,000 (Hiscox)

Is your company prepared to survive a CyberSecurity attack?


Don't wait until a disaster strikes your network. We can help you now.

Secure Web Shield

Feel free to browse the internet knowing that we will keep you safe from going to dangerous and fraudulent websites.

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Secure Personal Shield

Telecommuters and remote workers will be able to protect their internet connection and data against internet predators and hackers.

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Secure Home Shield

Protect and secure your home and your family agaist internet predators, hackers, phishing attacks and cybercriminals.

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Secure Office Shield

Complete protection for all of your office servers, computers and devices, but freedom to access your files from anywhere in the world.

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CyberSecurity Self-Defense

Learn how to protect yourself and your employees against phishing, ransomware, social engineering and other cybersecurity threats.

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Managed CyberSecurity

Focus on what is important for your company, and let us take care of all of your security concerns. Quantifiable and proven results.

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Internet Crime is Growing

The new target of internet hackers and cybercriminals are small business and home offices.

Is your internet connection truly secure?