Small and Medium Business are the new target of cybercriminals.

And many don't have the resources or the tools to deal with it.

The Solution: Partner with a Fractional CISO

executive photoIn the same way that most organizations outsource their physical security requirements, companies are learning that in the majority of the cases, using a Fractional CISO helps them meet their cybersecurity needs at an affordable rate. A part-time CISO, also known as a virtual CISO, fractional CISO, or CISO on-demand, provides small to mid-sized businesses with expertise and recommendations to address their specific information security and compliance requirements. This person serves a senior-level team member who is responsible for establishing and maintaining strong security measures and programs to ensure information and technology assets are protected against cybersecurity threats.

Fractional CISO is Expected to Augment (not replace) your IT team.

Engaging with a part-time CISO enables organizations to take advantage of the same knowledge and expertise of a full-time CISO without having to invest in additional overhead. For some organizations, a part-time CISO can implement the necessary security initiatives without having to staff a full-time role, including risk evaluation, threat assessment, security training – and in some cases –  compliance monitoring and audit support. A part-time CISO can integrate seamlessly with internal IT resources, allowing an organization to maximize its resources and take on other initiatives.

The benefits of Fractional CISOs

Fractional CISO offers something unique in the security industry, more than just a part-time CISO. The mission of every part-time CISO is to partner with our clients to help them better understand their security needs. We deliver tremendous value by focusing on the key security elements that are applicable to their business. We learn your business and make decisions as you would, understanding your risk profile and prioritizing everything we do is based on a rigorous risk classification system.

Our part-time CISOs speak the language of your executive team and execute with a scope of responsibility to understand threats across the entire company. Your executive team and our part-time CISOs will gain a joint understanding of the risks of your current and planned investment levels in security. Some of the key planning processes that our part-time CISO can assist your executive team in are:

  • Review your Security Investment Level
  • Develop and Implement your Security Policy
  • Help Develop and Implement a Business Continuity Plan
  • Council CEO and Board of Directors on Business CyberSecurity Issues

What to look for in a Fractional CISO

When considering a part-time CISO it’s important for organizations to ensure that that potential candidates not only understand their particular security landscape but are also up-to-date on trends in cyber threats and the security industry. For example, in 2014, cybercriminals were infiltrating retail giants such as Target and Home Depot. In 2018, they were focusing their attention on the healthcare industry; targeting Anthem, Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Premera. Today cybercriminals are targeting Small and Medium Business either directly, or as the weak access link to their larger business and government contracts. A qualified CISO must think like a cybercriminal in order to anticipate current and future security needs.

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