Ransomware Protection


A single ransomware attack can cost your company an average of $41,000.


Don't lose your business (or your business data) because of a ransomware attack. Today, your antivirus alone (and much less, the free antivirus) is no longer enough to protect you or your business from highly organized cybercriminals.

Our secure web shield EDR solution can protect you automatically against "ransomware", "malware", "phishing", "data theft" and many other cybersecurity threats.

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Is your business prepared to survive a cyber attack?

Are you or your employees working from home?

Coronavirus has turned us all into remote employees, and internet predators are taking advantage of it.

Get the Secure Web Shield with Intercept X and start protecting your business from

√ Dangerous Web Sites

√ Ransomware

√ Data Theft

√ Malware

√ Phishing

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Internet Crime is Growing

The new preferred target of internet hackers and cybercriminals are small business, entrepreneurs, and work-at-home professionals.


Only 14% of Small Business have a cybersecurity safety plan (Accenture)


Small Busines are 43% of all data breaches in the world (Verizon)


83% of Small Business lack sufficient funds to survive after a cyberattack. (InsuranceB)


Cyberattacks cost Small Business an average of $200,000 (Hiscox)

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Sophos Intercept X

Start protecting your business with the #1 Ranked Endpoint Protection in the industry

  • Single pane of glass for all your computers, mobile devices, and people anywhere in the world
  • AI-Powered deep learning malware detection that doesn’t rely on signatures
  • Advanced protection against exploits, active adversaries, and non-malware attacks
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    • Intercept X with EDR for all your Windows & Mac Computers and Servers
    • Intercept X Mobile for Android & IOS Smartphones and Tablets
    • Business and Customer Data Theft Prevention
    • Phishing Treat Protection
    • Email Protection


By 2021 a new business will fall victim to Ransomware every 11 seconds

But you can start protecting your business today!